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Tone & Tuner

I created this exercise to encourage students to use their whole body, mind, heart, ear and their tuner while warming up. My exercise covers the whole range of the flute and includes practice ideas of: vibrato, harmonics, sing & play, flutter tongue, vowels, and colors and cues for embouchure, balance and alignment.

Also to cue use of whole body as a the resonating instrument, to which we add our flute as another resonating instrument.

Check your ear 1st, is what you hear in tune on your tuner?

Listen and become close friends with each tone and the particular intonation of each note on your flute.

How you listen creates beauty. Every note, every sound has a shape with a beginning, middle and an ending.

Breathing in tempo, you and your breath part of the music.

Be connected and involved in an energized, lively way to the sounds you are creating.

Let me know if this warm up helped you to be more engaged and creative with your warm up!

Here is the link to free PDF of Tone & Tuner.

Happy Fluting,

~Creative Flutist

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