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Creating Presence

Connection + Clarity + Courage + Commitment  =  Confidence

in your practice and performance.

Awaken to the mystery of being here and enter the quiet immensity of your own presence.

~ John O'Donohue

How is practice directly related to performance, yet performance is not the same as practice?

It is not a mystery, how creative, complete, connected, clear, committed, courageous and confident you are in your practice, is how you will perform.

There is “musical magic”, that happens when all these things align and you are in a state of trust and confidence, in the zone or flow.

How are you at creating these meaningful, magical, musical, connections with clarity, commitments and courage as you practice, prepare, perform your music?

Is your practice one of self and musical discovery, that prepares you for a connected, confident, committed, courageous, lesson, jury, audition and performance? 

Here are a few ideas to consider.


What is presence?

What kind of presence do you create on stage?

Studies indicate that your presence is the main thing that people experience about you.

Some qualities of PRESENCE are:

LIGHT -There is light in someone who has presence and in a sound that has presence. It is visible and

expressive, alive, alight, luminous. Kinds of Light: candlelight, moonlight, twilight, sunlight, spotlight...

EXPANSIVE - It defies the limits of body and space. It is multi dimensional, whole, unified, it is eternal...

INTENSITY - Passion, purpose, power, desire, direction, drama, strength, commitment, expression, focus, determination and interest...

ENCHANTING - Inviting, magical, imaginative, wishing, hoping, fearing, visionary, dreamy, singing...

ATTRACTING - Compelling, has character, wit, dynamic, intelligence, sweet, loving, kind, beautiful, funny,

connecting, magnetic, seductive, energized, vibrant...

ALERT- Presence is present, aware, awake, attentive, alive, alight, encompassing, inclusive, cultivating...

AUTHENTIC- Being yourself, knowing yourself, real, natural, unique, original, one of a kind, special...

PERMEABLE - Open, vulnerable, porous, empathetic, feeling, compassionate, connected...


The more meaningful connections you make in your practice, playing and performing, the more you will remember and stay connected to your flute, your music and your audience.

Make your preparation and practice full of meaningful connections.

When you do this, your brain will be activated on both sides and create more memory.

The meaning you make, the connections you will create and the more memories you will have for yourself and your audience.

M&M: Meaning and Memory = Connection.


The state or measure of being clear in thought, feeling, listening, looking, appearance, style; lucidity.

Finding your own way and being taught through confusion, doubt, not understanding, leads to clarity. 

Practicing with your awareness and open focus on creating clarity in your playing, music and artistic interpretation is the key to feeling prepared.

Being taught and self discovery in clear, connected, meaningful ways will transform your playing and performing.

The more clarity you gain, the more prepared you will feel. The more clarity and commitment to making artistic choices the more confidence you will develop.

Clarity is a necessary step in learning, creating meaningful connections and choices in your practice, flute playing and music making.

The discovery of these connections into clarity, commitment and the courage to be this, turns into confidence.

Clarity = Confidence

Next Post continues this with COURAGE COMMITMENT & CONFIDENCE

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