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Flute Teacher 
Jennifer Keeney
Creative Practice Coach

Creative Coaching

To schedule a coaching session, email

Sessions are $100 per hour.

Personal Practice Designs

Let's design some creative practice plans for you that include a whole body and heart-centered approach for your unique daily practice. These will address your challenges and support your strengths! We can include the science of learning and aspects of deliberate, purposeful and creative practice.This will include all the elements of your instrument as well as your mind set, performance confidence and developing body awareness via some core exercises, yoga and alexander technique ideas. Together we will develop a high performance plan that will enliven your daily practice and personal connection to music making. 

Music Mindset Coaching

Coaching live and online to provide information, education, organization and inspiration as you move into creating your unique music career. Long term goals and dreams, broken into daily, weekly and monthly motivational  action steps. Using skills I have developed over my career and new skills I learn via High Performance Habits and other current literature on organization, motivation, mindset and inspiration. 

Becoming A Music Major?

Consultations will give you information, education and time to ask questions about the whole process of becoming a Music Major. 

From high school to choices on where to apply,  pre-screen auditions and applications, final auditions, decisions on where to attend. 


Auditions & Competitions

Private Coaching on your audition and competition preparation, application and performance. 

The coaching may take place at an individual lesson, with your pianist, in the recording studio, at a chamber music rehearsal and at your individual performance. 

Recital Preparation & Performance Confidence

Private Coaching  as you prepare to give a Recital. Includes a time line, organization of schedule, practice repertoire calendar, rehearsing, booking hall, pianist, recording and  for finding and implementing  your performance confidence practices. 

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