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Creative Flutist Studio

Jennifer Keeney, Flute Teacher, Flute Classes,

Welcome to our community of creative flutists!  

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Creative Flutist Studio


Creative Flutist Studio was created to cultivate the art of flute playing, to enjoy flute community, and to enhance the wholistic and creative process of learning, teaching and performing music. At Creative Flutist Studio, students have weekly private lessons and get to know and play for each other in monthly group classes that are offered by Ms. Keeney and the guest Artists she brings in each year. The group classes also teach the students in the art of listening, and are instructed to listen attentively with sensitivity, in an open, caring, respectful and positive way. Ms. Keeney encourages and supports an environment of community, collaboration and celebration for learning and enjoying music. This is expressed in a clear, compassionate, kind and energetic way. We like to share our music in the community and the Studio gives recitals and performs for schools, assisted care homes, hospitals and hospices. 

Jennifer Keeney is known for her extraordinary teaching and guidance in preparing students for their auditions, competitions and preparation for entrance into conservatories, universities and schools of music.    Ms. Keeney's students continue to become Texas All-State Flutists, to win Flute Club Young Artist Competitions, National Flute Association Competitions, From The Top and MTNA, among others. Ms. Keeney's students have been accepted at many of the finest music school and universities such as: The Juilliard School of Music, Eastman School of Music, Carnegie Mellon, Curtis Institute of Music, University of Southern California, University of Texas-Austin, San Francisco Conservatory, Colorado University at Boulder, University of Michigan, DuPaul University, Boston University, Northwestern University, Peabody School of Music and New England Conservatory of Music. 

Creative Flutist Studio Offers:
Flute Lessons - in person and online
Studio Classes
Group Classes
Master Classes

Summer Classes
Flute Immersions
Chamber Music
Coaching for Auditions, Recitals, Competition, Practice

Mentoring teachers and  performers

Being a member of The Creative Flutist Studio is by audition in May and by individual appointment.  
Please contact Jennifer Keeney to schedule a lesson, coaching or consultation.


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