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Creative Flutist ~ High School ~ All State Etudes  2024

 Texas High School Etudes Classes 2024

Start your learning of The All State Etudes with creative practice ideas, master teacher guidance and group practice energy! We will all practice and learn the Texas All State Flute Etudes as a group and you will leave knowing how to practice and playing your All- State Etudes! 

When:  August 10 & 11 

Time: 1-5:00pm on Saturday 11am-5pm on Sunday

Where:  McNeil High School ~Austin, TX

Tuition: $150 by May 15th after is $200

Register Here - by July 1, 2024



Creative Flutist ~ MiddleSchool ~ Etudes & Ensembles ~

Creating Community via Learning & Chamber Music!

We are all longing to play music together and learn our all-state etudes too.

Let's get together safely to learn our all-state etudes, play in a flute choir and form flute ensembles.  

When: August 6 - 7 - 8

Where: Canyon Vista Middle School ~Austin, TX

Tuition: $250

Register Here on Behning Studio Website

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