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Table of Contents for 21 Days of GCP! 

21 Days of Guided Creative Practice


I am so excited that you are here and we are in this practice journey together! 

This course was created for people just like you that want or need a daily organized, creative and productive way to achieve their goals and dreams. 

21 Days of Guided Creative Practice will give you a vast variety of ways to create a personal practice design and the inspiration for making daily choices that transform your life, your practice/playing and lead to more personal success!

You will be given a 100 page pdf with daily guidance for designing your practice.

This includes Creative Flutist Practice Ideas as well as the latest practice science and motivational methods.

During the course you will receive Daily Creative Practice Templates for:                                                       mindful mindset ~ body & breath ~ sound exercises  ~ technique exercises ~ etudes ~ melodies ~ listening links ~ recording yourself ~ journaling ...

Also, videos from myself & guests, resource links, journaling prompts, and a zoom community session.

21 Days of Guided Creative Practice supplements the repertoire and etudes you are doing with your teacher, by giving you new habits and ideas that you can apply to the whole of your musical life. 

Let's get started creating and pursuing your goals and dreams today!

Happy Creative Practicing! 

      ~   Jennifer  

                                                      More details and a Free Practice for Creative Practice~ Day 1.

Here is a Free Calendar of Daily Mindset and Body & Breathing Ideas for 21 Days. 


Ways to Study the Course 

High School students may choose the 21 Week Course. 

Advanced High School - Professional will benefit from the 21 Days Course. 

Teachers and Professors will enjoy the 21 complete lessons  for the organization and  fresh ideas for themself and their students.

Creative Flutist Practice ~ Minimalist

Was created as a simple, clear, creative way to organize your daily or weekly practice. 
This virtual course is for any flutist and will give you a wholistic and minimalist approach for your daily practice. 


Live  Classes Summer 2022

Now in our 24th YEAR!



Creative Flutist ~ High School ~ All State Etudes  2022

Start with great practice ideas, creative masterful guidance and group energy for playing your All- State Etudes! 

This class also includes a follow up master class and mock audition, in the fall semester, 2022. 

When: July 21-22- 23 & August 6 & 7  2-5pm

Where:  McNeil High School ~Austin, TX

Tuition: $225

Register Here - by June 17th, 2022







Creative Flutist ~ MiddleSchool ~ Etudes & Ensembles ~

Creating Community via Learning & Chamber Music!

We are all longing to play music together and learn our all-state etudes too.

Let's get together safely to learn our all-state etudes, play in a flute choir and form flute ensembles.  

When: August 

Where: Austin, TX

Tuition: $200

Register Here

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