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~ Sounding Our Vibration ~

3 poems... by me...~Jen

Sounding Our Vibration

What if

The only thing I am asked in the end is…

Were you truly Jennifer Shawn Keeney?

What if

The only question you are asked is…

Did you honor your spirit?

There is only one of us ever to be,

It is a great responsibility!

What if

Each of us has our unique vibrations

To give the world

And to sound our vibration

At its highest frequency

Is the song of our life’s journey?

Light’s Basket

She returns to gather,

connecting the parts,

the stars of her life,

angel starlights, hearts.

Bridge of remembering,

circle of stars

rainbow’s light basket,

gatherer of ours.

Her song of life,

heard from within,

guides her home,

through all she has been.

Gathering her starlights

soundstars and soul,

in her heart’s basket,

now dancing her role.

Her basket now filling,

light is unfolding,

love’s music unfurling,

her heart uncovering.

Do you remember

gathering your lights,

angels encircling,

heart basket de-lights…


She calls me to remember,

Her voice echoing my heart,

Silverlight, a faun’s eyes

Sophia, a vision I hear.

I feeling as full as she,

Sounding the mystery,

Spiraling light and dark,

Ancient ancestors truths.

A veil has been lifted,

One of the seven,

A gift of Isis,

Mother of the moon and ocean.

Ladder between the worlds,

Stared sand dollars

And up the ladder,

Stars celestial.

She reminds me of my dreams

Soft feathered high vibrations,

A healing, A gentle reuniting,

Love I am feeling.

Moonwater, down my cheek

Raining light drops,

Their river melting clear,

Moonwater, visions I hear.

~Jen's Journals

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