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Your "Inner Teacher"

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Get to know your Inner Teacher.

We spend an hour or so a week with our teacher, very meaningful time...

AND we spend the rest of the week with ourself, our inner teacher…

Consider and reflect upon these questions to empower yourself and others.

Taking more responsibility for your own education, growth and inspiration while being grateful and engaged with those teachers you are always learning from is powerful!

After all, how you are teaching yourself, your "practice" is what changes us the most into becoming what we desire!


What is a teacher?

What makes a great teacher?

Who is Your Inner Teacher?

We all have an Inner Teacher Listen to YOUR Inner Teacher... Take time Each Day to make this connection and practice Listening for your Inner Teacher... You will begin to know and trust yourself and this is Empowering...

My teachers were and are so uniquely them self! They are one of a kind expressions of who they are and that is so powerful. They all talk about their teachers and honor them by generously sharing what they have learned and by adding their individual qualities and what they are most passionate about. All have their creative ways of teaching and connecting to an energy greater than them self, that moves through them in seemingly infinite ways. All are highly successful with their individual gifts and love their art and care greatly about their students.

This becoming a teacher is very similar to becoming an artist. It takes time and lots of living to know who you are, to be yourself… and is a never ending in sharing ourself as we continue to learn, grow and embody more fully who we are… Both teachers and artists do this sharing in front of individuals and groups of people every day. We are vulnerable and courageous kinds of people!

Think of the teachers who have and do inspire you.

What are the qualities of these teachers?

Why do you feel inspired by them?

What helps or do you remember helping you the most ?

What are the things that irritate or irritated you the most about your teacher?

(It may be the thing you most need to give yourself or look at in yourself.)

What would like like to open in yourself so that you can learn from them?

What are you still learning from them?

What are the things you seek in a great teacher?

Think about this for both your inner teacher and your current teacher.

How well do you know your teachers teaching ?

What kind of connection do you have with your teacher?

How do you communicate with your teacher?

How do you listen to your teacher?

How do you respond to your teacher?

How active engaging, conversational, dialogue… Is it chamber music?

How do you make this connection with your teacher; open, real, vital, curious, engaging, accepting, questioning, nourishing, effective, growing , evolving, alive…?

What may be in the way of allowing this time with your teacher to to be a tapestry for transformation?

What are some ideas and actions you can take to become more invested in knowing your inner teacher and sharing this with others?

~Creative Flutist

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