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What is Creative Practice? And why Creative Flutist?


I was thinking may be helpful to share what I mean by this!

And, how I got the name "Creative Flutist"???

🌀Creative Practice is progressive, productive, playful using the science of learning and deliberate creative practice concepts that lead to personal success. The Creative Practice Elements are:

Organization - Mindful Mindset - Body & Breath - Sound & Melody - Technique & Etudes - Repertoire - Listening & Recording - Journaling.

Creative Practice is a synthesis of all the teaching I have received, the books I have read, and the study I have been doing for more than 40 years about practice and the science of how we learn. I am certified as a Dharma Yoga teacher, deeply studied the Alexander Technique and have taken classes from many motivational coaches. When teaching I apply my creative and heart-centered beliefs about how we learn and share information.

💜 So, I was just doing my thing, teaching playing, making exercises for my students, giving them weekly practice designs, making flute mats, creating classes.... and people commented on "you are so creative..." Creative Flutist is the name given to me by my students, colleagues, and friends. They say that how I bring this information all together, organize and teach it is creative, wholistic and heart-centered. So the name has stuck with me since the 80's... and that is why I have the name Creative Flutist. 🥰

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