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Summer Practice #7 - 7 All Inclusive Practice Ideas

There are an infinite number of ways to practice and play your flute!

How are you including these things into your Circle of Awareness as you Play, Practice, Perform?

Choose 1 to focus on for a day or a week.
  • Take some notes about how you are including this into your practice and awareness.

  • What do you notice in your sound, expression, body, mind, spirit and artistry?

  • Add the next one... and the next...

Here are 7 inclusive practice ideas to guide you:

1. Ease & Comfort, in your body, mind and spirit:

2. Expression & Artistry, right from the beginning of your practice:

3. Precision & Accuracy, listen, feel, look, record yourself…:

4. Inner Heartbeat & Rhythmic Vitality, tempo, meter, inner drummer/singer subdivider, metronome…:

5. Beautiful & Colorful Tones, imagination, listening, intonation, tuner…:

6. Clarity & Focus, mental, emotional, intellectual, artistic, authentic…:

7. Positive Spirit, create a positive, eager attitude for your practice session:
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