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Summer Practice #3, 3 Recipes for Greatness

Think like a queen. A queen is Not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness. ~Oprah

Recipe #1 - A Supportive Environment for learning, especially in your youth because you have the most time to commit to learning.The Environment that is common to Greatness is one where there is importance placed on what you are choosing to learn and to become. That there is value in learning what you are doing. That the things you are learning are worth spending a lot of time, support, energy and money doing them. That they are a priority in your life. This kind of support includes of family, friends and teachers/mentors.

All the studies show that almost all people we consider to be Great, Unique, Special,World-Class, had or created a Supportive Environment. It is the wonderful journey of life to learn and to become all you can be. They say that, Mozart would not be the Mozart we know if he did not have his Father, a great teacher and musician, teaching and supporting him everyday, beginning at age 2. And, there is also the knowing of the kind of Practice and Passion that Mozart gave to his Art.

Recipe #2 - A Specifically Designed Practice that you Practice Deeply, Often and for Many Years. How you Practice and How Much you Consistently Practice is what the Great have in common. You need an Expert Teacher to create for YOU and guide YOU in a Specifically Designed Practice Plan.

This plan must be designed to improve your performance andunderstanding of what you are learning at a Deep Level. It must address all the things that are difficult for you to do at a level that is not too easy and at a level that does not make you panic ... It needs to be A level that takes you beyond or more precisely, around the limitations that most people will stop at. This kind of Practice is Creative and Deep. See Creative Deep Practice.

Recipe #3 - A Passionate Purpose that creates an Intense Focus on what you are doing. All the of these studies did prove that if one has a supportive environment, a deep and consistent practice for years that the person was exceptional with just these 2 things ...

But, the missing element was Passion & Love for what they were doing.

This love and passion is what created an intense focus for what they did and when they had that, that made them Great ... Where they lost time in Playing with what they are doing.

This Passion & Love is what gives us, the feeling, that magic, the gift of something spectacularly special...Greatness... Sometimes we have a passion right away for something. Sometimes we say that a person is talented ... or that they are gifted with this passion or love for something...

Most often a person develops their passion for something or someone.

More Ideas: Based on these books, Talent Code & Talent is Overrated.

Listen to inspired musician, flutist: Denis Bouriakov playing Bach Chaconne BWV 1004 on YouTube

click on link to get your 150 pages of PDF copy.

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