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Summer Groove #5, Inner Drummer

Obviously you have to have rhythm. If you have rhythm, then you can play anything you need. If you have rhythm and you love music, then play and play and play until you get to where you want to get... ~Van Halen

Get into the groove and turn on your inner drummer! There are many ways to get in touch with your inner sense of pulse and to connect to the tempo of the music you are practicing, playing or performing.

One way is to have a rhythm section inside of you that you create for each piece you are playing.

What kind of drums are being used for the rhythms and music you are playing?

Use your imagination to tune into your inner drummer, your internal subdivider and pulse keeper.

What kinds of rhythms enhance and support the music you are playing.

What kinds of percussion would you like to play with; drum set, tabla, maracas, timpani, castanets, taiko...?

I like to use apps like ITabla here is a link for free download:

and here too:

Also there are some great tracks of drumming of all kinds; classical, jazz, African, Japanese, Indian etc. on Spotify, YouTube.. well available on the internet!!! Use your resources for more diversity in your practice.

Here is Taiko Drum and flute

Here are some beats to play your scales and 3rd with:

Jazz brushes Medium Fast Swing:

Here is a link to create some beats of your own to play with:

With practice you can always have all the beats, pulse and rhythms you need whenever you need them!!!

Happy Grooving!!!

~Creative Flutist

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