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Some Self Directed Questions on Performing

How is practice directly related to performance, yet performance is not the same as practice?

I cast this spell: I know I can open this door and show you something unforgettable and transforming and

I am determined to take myself and to take you with me. ~ Jeffery Kahane

What makes a great performance?

What is stage presence and what is your Presence like on stage?

What is projection and how do you project, bigger than yourself, the music, on stage?

How can you practice and learn to be courageous, clear and confident on stage?

How alive, present, in the moment are you and your listening when you are on stage performing, auditioning...?

How do you practice being connected to the music and the audience?

Do you respect and feel gratitude for the music, the audience and yourself?

If the musician is the bridge between composer & audience. Are you being the bridge that connects the music to the audience?

Do you consider that we are all in this together, that we all matter and are effecting each other in powerful ways?

How do you create an open channel of giving and receiving this kind of energy?

What makes you appear confident on stages?

And what makes you appear less confident ?

How willing are you to be vulnerable, courageous, powerful, authentic, creative... on stage?

How engaging, attractive, magnetic, authentic, dynamic, free, involved, charismatic... are you as a performer?

Are you moved by the music you are expressing, performing, sharing, bringing to life?

How do you look and sound when you are performing?

Is it really what you think, who you want to be, who you are?

Who is your authentic self (not just doing as someone else said to)?

Are you being true to your education, composers, teachers and your artistic self as you perform?

Are you a creation always in the process of, continually being created, ever changing, being alive?

How is this process of “being alive” like vibration, sound, the music you are making music?

Why does someone go to a live concert instead of listening to music in the comfort of their own home?

How involved are you getting audiences to attend and become excited about your concerts, recitals, performances?

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