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Summer Practice #2, Interval Intimacy

I choose such notes that love one another… ~Mozart

What is an interval?

What is the relationship between two notes? Close, intimate, distant, casual, familiar, fun, playful, loving…

How much space is there between the 2 notes? Imagine each note as a person. Are they right next to each other or distant?

Is there a timing effecting the distance between notes. You may think of it naturally; closer intervals like 1/2 steps move with ease, a 6th may want some “Intervalic Rubato”...

How do you get from one note to the next? Slide, hop, skate, bounce, leap, step, roll, dance...

How are you connected to each note and the interval itself?

What is in between the intervals? Is there Silence or Sound?

What kind of Interval is it? Major 3rd, Minor 2nd, Perfect 5th, Diminished 9th, Augmented...

Where does the interval take you? Into a new town, city, country or into a whole new universe of sound ...or just next-door?

When we practice Interval with curiosity and connection we are more aware of the sounds and the music we are making and hearing .

One of the exercises I created is based on the Moyse interval study in De La Sonorite.

It is called Interval Intimacy. It can be played: 1. as written 2. using different rhythms 3. using a drone on tuner in in an app 4. as an articulation exercise too.

Yesterday I was playing all sorts of intervals and enjoying them so much. One of my favorites was Another playing the interesting and colorful intervals in like JeanJean Etude #5.

I hope this may give you some new insights, sound sights, intimacy with playing intervals...

~ creative flutist

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