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Excellence & Remembering Why...

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Greetings Dear Ones,

I sent this to my students and parent today and am sharing it in case any of you are struggling with practice, with creating the time when you are busy, with remembering why you are doing ____, wether it be learning All State flute etudes or..._____...

I struggle with these things too and each day do my best to move in the direction of what matters most to me and to live that way... Hope this may be supportive to someone else too... ✋🥰🎶

We have been in survival mode for the past year and a half, now stepping into a new normal, and looking at how we want to move forward...

Let's step into the future with EXCELLENCE ~ gratitude, greatness and joy!

Excellence has the qualities of:great precision, care for detail, high standards, extraordinary habits, delivering with courage and confidence, triple checking our work/practice, commitment, gratitude, grace & joy...

Excellence requires preparation!!!

1. Plan for your day and week. Type it in your calendar.

2. Block out time for practice, taking homework breaks.

Not why you can't find the time , but HOW you DID :-)

Example for blocks of time.

15 minutes Blocks 3 x's a Day

5 minutes on tone & 10 min. deliberate practice etude #1

5 minutes on tone & 10 min. deliberate practice etude #2

5 minutes on tone & 10 min.deliberate practice etude #3

3. Momentum vs. Perfection

Really care, pay attention to details, double check, triple check your work/practice...You are not a perfectionist, you are putting off what you fear...

There is no perfect only momentum towards what you desire.

Perfection means, you are trying to perfect something... you have to put it out there, and then tweak it, that is what leads to something moving in the direction towards an ideal of what you really want... That is what creates momentum and movement towards your dreams and goals!

4. Adopt the role model and legacy mindset.

Be an excellent role model. Live like you matter for yourself and others... and live your life now, how you want to be remembered. This mindset provides long term success and satisfaction.

Care about making things happen for yourself and care about how you can lift up other people too!

Making All-State may be the goal... but the journey is a daily one... that is fueled by you generating consistent energy towards this goal. Growing in your skills as a musician and person, creating confidence and courage.

Remind yourself that it is about the JOY of making some great music with people who really care and love music as much as you do.. And, the honor of being selected and sharing this unforgettable experience with others!

I still recieve letters/emails from former students who are now musicians, doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers... and how they always remember the process of growing from music and the joy of making music with great love and gratitude!

Be inspired by this!

We are all learning and growing and in this together.

You can do this... it is not a straight line...🌀

Make some progress today!!! 🤩

RISE UP 💜 ~ Jennifer

P.S. photo was taken in Michigan playing for my nieces and nephews many years ago :-)... joyful!!!





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