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Effort / Ease

What is balance of effort and ease?

What is this imaginary line we create to balance effort/ease?

In every living thing, in nature, our earth, our solar system… in our bodies, all the cooperative components that are eternally active in the balance of life, WOW!

In Yoga it is:

Sthira, steady, not really effort but translated into effort, so steady effort vs. forced tension and Sukha, ease, sweetness, in the flow… to find our life force, Prana, balance and connection in each moment and movement to all that IS…

In Alexander Technique it is:

connecting to the innate knowing of the body and be in our unique place of freedom and lightness of movement.

What is the balance? It is not “equal for me in life”… in flute playing… in music making…

it is ever changing

A vibrational tapestry inside my body and its relationship to all vibration, life…

It is the awareness of, connection to, and experience of the ease/effort and expansion that I sense and acknowledge in the moment that is ease/effort balancing.

How does the body contribute to this?

Noticing my breath… flowing in all the ways it is free do do so…

The wide spacious feeling in my back, freedom in my neck and spine… is an overall lightness, power and ease of movement…

When my muscles are, lively, balanced and strong = I feel free, powerful & easeful…

How does the mind contribute to this?

Open, curious, sensitive, spacious, still, clear, cuing, trusting, letting go…

These experiences and these kinds of connections are so meaningful and build upon themself…

When does this happen?

In our everyday every moment life. In each moment we choose to be open, curious, aware, noticing, conscious of ourself and the way we interact and connect to are in whatever we are doing or noticing or relating to.

So how does this translate to our practice?

Where is your “line” of balance between:

ease/flow/sweetness/play/creativity & effort/steady/energy needed to______

Begin to make a choice that you want to be aware and get to know this for yourself.

It is a personal balancing, that is in the flow of who you are.

Nobody can really tell you what this is. They may be able to notice things and guide you via many different methods ( your teacher, yoga, alexander technique, delcroze,somatic mvt, aikido….) and ideas to HELP you begin to know yourself and your body and mind and heart and spirit—-

In my experience it is the direct EXPERIENCE that you will have that will create connections and meaning for you and help you to make the most powerful choices for you in your music making and life.

As always, may you enjoy the process and the playground of practice and life. May you connect to a sweetness, joy and meaningful expression as you practice, create and share…


~ Jennifer

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