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Creative Flutist Fridays ~ Premier Edition

Creative Flutist Fridays Creative Ideas, Inspiration & Information #1 August 13th, 2021

Summer Creative Flutist Classes ~ Hope Rising ~ Flute Classes for University, High School and Middle School Flutists in Colorado & Texas.

Creative Ideas

Practice Free PDF: 8 Techniques of Creative Practice & 7 Levels of Learning Colorado All State Flute Practice Parts & Videos Texas All State Flute Practice Parts & Videos Andersen Op. 63 #14 ~ Eb Minor Etude Practice Videos #1 - Melody #2 - Mordents #3 - Beat 1 & 3 - Turns #4 - Beats 2 & 4 Breathing Gathering & Lengthening Breath Video Free PDF: Gathering & Lengthening Breath Body Circle it & 6 Balance Points https://60e38fa3-2624-4d3f-a7ac

Want more Creative Practice Ideas? 21 Days Of Guided Creative Practice Creative Flutist Minimalist 21

Discover More


One of my favorite quotes by ~ Mary Oliver Have you taken some rest and listened lately?


National Flute Association Convention

  • 49th Annual NFA Virtual Convention

Variations on a Dream August 12-15, 2021 SOME FAVORITE COMPETITIONS TO ENTER

  • Austin Flute Society Competitions

  • Colorado Flute Association Competitions

  • Chicago Flute Club Competitions

  • From The Top

  • Houston Flute Club ~ Competitions ~Byron Hestor

  • MTNA ~All Levels ~ Middle School-High School-Professional

  • NFA Competitions~ Master Classes, High School Soloist, Young Artist…

  • NYO~ National Youth Orchestra

  • RAFA - Raleigh Area Flute Association

  • Texas Flute Society Competitions ~ Donna Marie Haire, Myrna Brown... What are some of your favorites? Would love to hear from you!

Converse ~ Community ~ Communicate

We love hearing from you 💜 ~ Jennifer Let's talk, send an email, or join our community on social media too. FB ~ Creative Flutist Studio Group or Instagram Creative Flutist. Connect

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