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Being Moved by the Music you are Making

~~~~So been thinking so much about how to express this… this moving, being moved by the energy and emotion one feels for the music and in making the music vs. by just a moving habit or moving with the pulse vs. the phrase or gesture … or just moving one part of the body… Or not noticing how habits effect sound, and music making, as the whole body makes the music.

It is Not what we see on the outside really... It Is about what is happening on the INSIDE!!! And how that then shows up on the outside in sound, vibration, emotion, movement and musical performance...

As teachers we may talk a lot about how movement effects the sound, and effects the performance. I am not talking about trying to create movement or about not moving... ( but sometimes that is a useful practice if you are moving in a repetitive habitual way- to be still and feel the movement from the inside out, not stiff, but still and listening from the inside out and feeling a genuine impulse to move via the music you are recreating or if improvising creating)... But about getting to know the music you are practicing so well, feeling it deeply and creating your interpretation so clearly that you have an internal reaction that is such a clear energy that you are moved by this... Being moved by the Music...

If we are clear about, feel, know and really have something to say with the music and have delved in deeply into our practice, believe in our interpretation and ability to transmit it, to perform it, share it.... then we see that the body is moved intrinsically (belonging naturally, essential) and inclusively...

What I notice is that a musician who truly feels the music they are making, their whole body is moved by this energy, this emotion… e- motion, energy and motion that moves them from the top of their head to the bottom of their feet… It may be a subtle movement, or a large movement or anything in between.... But there is an emotional and energetic reaction in them that moves through their entire body and is expressed in the music making and shared with those listening…

What are you considering and curious about:

~ In being moved by the music you are making?

~ What is the energy you are feeling and sharing about the music you are making?

~ Is this enough of a feeling, energy, emotion that it creates a reaction in you that bursts forth in music and into the hall and heart of people listening?

~ Who are the flutists you notice this in and how does it sound and make you feel?

There are so many ways this is expressed here is a beautiful example:

~ Would love to know your thoughts, experience and pondering on this too,


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