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Beautiful Notes Summer Practice #4

In beauty may I walk; with beauty above me, with beauty below me, with beauty all around me... ~ Navajo Blessing

What is Beautiful to you?

As you Play your Beautiful Notes, create Beauty that is alive and fresh and with an open heart and reverence for what you are creating.

What are you listening for in your world and in your sound to create beauty?

Be curious and educate yourself about what has been described as beautiful throughout history. Refine and define your ideas of beauty.

You should always keep something beautiful in your mind... ~Pascal

How do you create beauty for each sound that you make?

Are you making consistently beautiful music?

What are the elements of a beautiful note, a beautiful tone, a beautiful line of music, a whole piece?

There are an infinite number of ways to create and shape a note. How beautifully are you doing this?

Consider how you begin and end each note? How are beginnings different from the middle or endings?

What makes all of these beautiful ?

What about the subtle aspects of beauty?

How are they all of these elements of beauty connected to the whole of what is Beautiful?

Beauty holds faith with the deepest signature of individuality; it graces the passion of individuality when it risks itself... Beauty emerges when the artist is absolutely faithful to the uniqueness of her own voice... ~O’Donohue

More Ideas: Read and be inspired by the book Beauty, by John O’Donohue and listen to his beautiful Irish voice talking about landscape and Beauty.

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