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9 Days to Get into Flute Shape! ~DAY 6

Day 6******

Precision & Flow

Here is an exercise I wrote out, Precision & Flow to help get to know and smooth out any interval.

I wrote it out for right hand, then left hand and both hands… A'la Trevor Wye...

Make sure that your fingers are slightly curved but NOT bending or buckling at the joints, look in a mirror. Keep your palms and hands open, releasing tension and including your whole body.

My students really notice their technique improving when they do this exercise consistently! :-)

Play each set in all octaves for more benefit. My favorite way is to slur the dotted rhythm then to single tongue the triplets and double tongue the sixteenth notes.

This way you get connected to your breath and sound and then adding your articulation practice. As always, this is a sound cultivation practice too! Happy Practicing!

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