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9 Days to Get into Flute Shape DAY 8

Day 8

Lessons & Master Classes

Be Curious not Judgmental … Walt Whitman

If you taking lessons and going to master classes you know how inspiring, informative and important they are to learning, loving playing and being a part of your flute community.

If you have not been taking flute lessons, start now :-) !

If you have been taking a summer break contact your teacher and set your schedule.

There are sooooo many wonderful Flute Master Classes!

Find a Class and join in the fun! They are in every city, and always at Universities.

Ask a teacher or flute friend, or just put flute class it in your google search.

I give my Creative Flutist Classes many times a year, you can find them online at my website.

I also recommend Floot Fire which is located in many cities in the US and they offer all kinds of classes too.

Happy Lessons, Master Classes & Practicing!!!!!!!!

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