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9 Days to Get in Flute Shape ~DAY 2

**Day 2

12 Mindful and Musical Ideas For Your Practice & Performances

1. To be open and refine your ability to listen.

2. To be mindful, inclusive and integrating your whole self.

3. To be aware of the musical meaning, in order to feel emotional connection to and fall in love with the music.

4. To be sculpting a beautiful, in-tune and consistent sound.

5. To be creating a technique that is flawless, easy, flowing, free and virtuosic.

6. To become a musician with rhythmic integrity and an organic sense of timing.

7. To understand and be considerate of all the markings and every clue that is in the music.

8. To be observant and become intimate with every detail of the phra-sing, from the smallest detail to the big picture and to learn how it relates to the style, and to the entire piece.

9. To be curious and discover the unknown mysteries and the spirit in the music that are waiting to be revealed by the composer and you.

10. To be playful, exploring and finding creative ways to enjoy and bring the music to life.

11. To be a player who is spirited, authentic, expressive, engaging and confident when performing.

12. To be developing your personal artistic stage presence.

There is a free PDF of this on my website.

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