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9 Days to Get in Flute Shape ~DAY 4

****Day 4

Build Your Skills

Build your skills with scale🎶🤩 practice today.

One of the best things you can do for your musical freedom is to have great skills that you play with ease and expression.

Here are some ideas for playing your Major, Minor, Trilled and some Exotic Scales too!

All Scales can be, want to be, and are Music!

How would your scales sound if you thought of each one as a piece of music? Do this by playing each scale or set of scales in these different Musical Styles and byMolding the articulations, Shaping the dynamics... Playing the Music!

1. Baroque - Bach: Articulations: 3 slurred + 1 tongued or 1 tongued + 3 slurred. Dynamic: play Forte (F) one bar and piano (p) the next (light and shadow), and the reverse.

2. Classical - Mozart: Articulations: 2 slurred + 2 tongued or 2 slurred+ 6 tongued. Dynamic: play mf < f > mf per measure or two measures and the reverse too f > mf < f .

3. Romantic - Brahms: Articulations: 4 slurred or 2 slurred. Dynamic: crescendo p < F - per measure and second measure dimenuendo F > p .

4. French - Debussy: Articulations: All slurred. Shimmer with color. Dynamic:playpp<mp>pp perbarortwobarsandthereversetoomp>pp < mp.

5. Contemporary - Stravinsky - Clarke : Articulations: All tongued, experiment with staccato and also breath articulations = xxxxxx .Dynamic: play 4 measures at a time mf < FF and FF > mf.

You can find these and more scales on my website!

Happy Practicing!!!!

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