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9 Days to Get in Flute Shape ~ DAY 3

Day 3***

⭐️Top 10 Things Top Practicers Do⭐️

1. Musical Inflection and Expression right from the very start of learning.

2. Thoughtful practice, there is silence; to think about, to sing, hum, move, make notes on page, verbal ah ha’s, journaling ... problem solving away from instrument.

3. Have specific clear goals, before they did everything.

4. Errors were preempted by slowing down or stopping in anticipation of mistakes.

5. Errors were addressed immediately when they appeared.

6. The precise location and issue of each error was identified accurately, rehearsed, and corrected.

7. Slow things down to get the challenging, tricky parts as they really want them.

8. Repeat targeted passages until the error was corrected and the passage became known and stable.

9. Take charge of their learning and follow a plan that has a disciplined strategy.

10. Engaged, involved, enlivened & moved by the music and sounds they create.

🎶 How are you doing with your plan? What plan have you committed to? Tweak it as necessary for you! 🎶 Develop your sound and technique. 🎶 You are being mindful & musical and now...

Print PDF and put it on your stand as your practice refer to Top 10 and 12 Mindful.

Select one to become more aware of as you practice.

🎶 Happy Practicing 🎶

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