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21 Days of Guided Creative Practice!

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Coming soon,

Virtual Online Course!!!

21 days is the ideal number for creating & establishing new habits!

Get the detailed guidance and support you deserve to realize your potential.

3 weeks of Creative Practice that will support you in creating the habits of: discipline, dedication, delight and the determination you need to make them stick.

✔️ 7 Elements of Creative Practice

✔️ 21 Daily Practice Designs

✔️ Weekly Zoom Group

✔️ 1 Personal Coaching Session

  • Organizing and Designing your Practice Life

  • Sound, Technique, Melody and Etude Exercises

  • Creative Practice Ideas

  • Mindfulness & Motivation

  • Breathing and Body Ideas

  • Videos for all parts of the Practice Course

  • Guest Videos and their Practices

  • Links for Resources

Each Week will include:

  • Daily Practice Designs: PDF's, Videos, Links, Resources

  • Weekly Group Zoom Class

  • Schedule one 30 minute Coaching Session with Jennifer Keeney, to design your next personal Creative Practice Design.

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