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2020 to 2021 Reflect & Renew

I am thinking about the New Year, 2021… and how it is like starting anything new and can be a meaningful time for reflection and renewal.

It is also like our practice, aiming for starting “new” each day, choosing it to be a time for reflection and renewal.

Here are a few questions for us to consider:

1. How have you found the time for your practice?

We all know why we can't... but what is interesting is the how you have given yourself the gift of investing in yourself and your practice!

2. What is one small thing you can do starting in the New Year, that will move you towards your practice goals?

And, if needed take that small thing and chunk it into smaller steps :-) Just like chunking, one small thing builds our confidence and ability to do what we desire.

3. What was a moment you have had a realization, break through or something surprising in your practice?

This helps us pay attention and have more meaningful moments.

4. What did you do when you felt overwhelmed by the amount of information?

Share your feelings and how you proceeded in a way that was good for your personal practice.

5. What has been challenging about practice during the Pandemic?

What has helped you when you experience difficult times with your practice?

6. How are you meeting this challenge and are you growing from it?

If you are stuck, what are ways that uplift, inspire you and give you hope?

7. What lesson have you learned and what do you want to take into the New Year?

And what do you want to commit to leaving behind in your practice, and not take into the New Year?

Hope you take some time to write in your practice journal.

Happy New Year and Happy New Practicing !

~ Jennifer

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