100 Days of Practice

Starting is easy... as they say... well...

Here I go!

The commitment to show up, be who I am, share what I am practicing and observe the process is fascinating to me!

Hillary Hahn started this project @violincase with her commitment to practice for #100days #100daysofpractice.

What surprised her was that it would help people feel empowered about their own practice situations. Love that!!!

“There’s a lot of creativity to be found in what represents you and your art for 100 days.” ~ Hillary Hahn

So I went to the Monet Exhibit yesterday at the Denver Art Museum - The Truth in Nature..

It was amazing!!!

Color is my day- long obsession, joy, and torment…~ Monet

I love how Monet talked about getting to know each subject in great detail and to observe it look at all times of the day…

How every moment is new and never to be the same again.

How his unique eye and his emotional react