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Switching to 100 Days of SOUND JOURNALING

I have been pondering why I am doing the 100 days. #100days

What is my why?

I LOVE to practice, play and perform.

I feel very grateful to be a musician in this world.

It is a life full of expressive possibility, from ecstatic joy to the depths of despair...

I have been playing, practicing, teaching and performing on the flute for 45 years!!!!

I continue to love to do these things and my main focus is now on sharing what I have learned am learning as a the me I am, in the many ways I do this.

My Why?

At this time in my life is love of sound, how vibration is created and travels in the form of sound, and its infinite possibilities for expression.

My why is the freedom and joy I feel in expressing myself and in the sound itself…

Sound Journaling

Many years ago I did a recording project at my friend Tony’s home where he had a lot of recording studio things. He wanted to record me from dawn to dusk, I called it Sound Journals.

It is something I love to do, Journal in Sound. Free improvisations, in the moment and inspired by nature, my environment, or what is inside me... It is natural for me to do this and I did not realize that other people did not do this each day in their practice. My friends urged me to share this simple practice. So I recorded it and share it as Gateway to the Soul, Sound Journals

Here is one I like made by his fountain. I called it:

Things I am loving about my 100 day Commitment so far:

I am loving keeping my Journal on my new iPad 12.9 pro.

I am feel so good doing my 100 days of morning meltdown workouts.

What I have been curious about and not feeling "in love with yet":

Was not feeling quite as aligned and in love with what I really want to do and learn about myself in the flute part of this. I do love to practice and have endless ideas on how to and love this to practice in my playground of possibilities every day. Yes, there is also organization (organic, finding what is natural and meaningful for me... and what leads me to my goals and dreams... having a plan and using my personal design for a while until I feel ready for the next practice design) in my practice!

This morning in my silent/listening time,

( so interesting that SILENT & LISTEN have the same letters in them)

it came to me clearly, I want to journal in sound for #100days and experience that exploration… YES!

Switching to 100 Days ~ SOUND JOURNALING

So, I am turning my #100days into #100daysofsoundjournaling

3 Commitments for #100days

It feels so good to me to the 3 commitments I am making to myself.

1. Wake, Meditate, Journal.

2. Move my body, my primary instrumentI am using 100 Morning Meltdown workouts.

3. Journal in Sound each day as part of my practice and share it.

I am already learning a lot about myself from this commitment and care about how I appreciate and savor each day… How are your days going?

Here is one sound journal called

Continuing the Journey

~ Jennifer

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