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Fear vs. Freedom ~ Your Choice!

To fear or not to fear that is the question…

Your Choice!

Try Flipping the Fear into a better feeling , feeling…

You can acknowledge the fear, feel it fully... be with it, as you are able, allow it to be and learn from it...

I am not saying ignore fear or the feelings that come with fear... as I feel that our fears do, can teach us...

As fear tends to 'freeze" us, there is this natural time of "wintering"... Also, in our own natural timing, there is the "spring" that comes and melts us...

Here we can CHOOSE and move into other feelings, emotions that are in the "spring" of hope, resilience, new life beginning... Here we may choose or become aware of the possibility of moving into Spring, and another way of being...

The timing of these choices, depends on so many things... on us, on our circumstances, our mental and physical health, on our heart and soul... and on our ability, grit, dedication, awareness, practice... Or on our we need to rest... or need to be... or to take action... What is needed in our life in this moment ?

This fear to freedom is a natural cycle if we practice allowing, noticing, being with ourself, practicing and trusting the process.

Something else that helps with this is being aware of your breathing and it’s relationship with your parasympathetic nervous system and Vagus Nerve.

A simple explanation of this is to know that the Vagus Nerve connects with your salivary glands, respiratory, heart and digestive processes… and supplies critical information to your parasympathetic nervous system…

One easy way to send a message via the Vegas Nerve, that everything is OK, to your Nervous System is to:


I call this Ratio Breathing or Yoga Breath.

For example:

Breathing in for 2

Breathing out for 8

You can also pause at the top of the inhalation and at the end of Exhalation.

Feeling your muscles letting go of tension, soft, melting on the exhale is very useful as well.

Or by PLAYING LONG TONES on your instrument… Feeling your muscles letting go of any extra tension, finding a balance of effort and ease…

I ALWAYS feel more at ease after playing some beautiful long tones… and as I said above there is a physical reason for why that is too :-).

As you practice flipping your fear and being aware of your breath and exhaling slowly… you will become more confident and believe in yourself and ability to choose.

You can choose again and again a better feeling, a feeling that resonates with you. One that is more aligned with what you truly believe and want for yourself and your life.

This does take practice, just like our flute playing. I have found this to be a most worthy thing to practice and to be a very helpful tool for change and confidently moving in a meaningful direction for my life…

Give it some practice and let me know what you become aware of and how it is working for you!


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