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21 Days of Guided Creative Practice~Anytime

Open your practice in creative, organized, wholistic, productive and heart-centered ways!
21 Days of Guided Creative Practice~Anytime

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Take Anytime!
Virtual Course

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I am so excited for you to start this practice journey!

This Course was created to give a daily organized and creative way to connect to our practice. To connect to our love for the flute, create postive habits and design a meaningful daily practice. 

21 Days of Guided Creative Practice will give you a variety of ways to create a personal practice design, via the 7 Daily Practice Elements. You will be given 21 daily PDF's for organizing your practice, plus 100's of resource links and videos. This includes Creative Flutist Practice ideas, a variety of exercises from our standard repertoire, new exercies and videos from guest artists, as well as the latest practice science and motivational mindset methods. 

During the course you will receive 21 daily practice templates for: mindful mindset, body & breath, sound & technique exercises, etudes, melodies, journaling and listening links.

The Course Includes:

✔️ 7 Elements of Creative Practice

✔️ 21 Daily or Weekly Practice Designs

  • Organizing and Designing your Practice Life
  • Sound, Technique, Melody and Etude Exercises
  • Creative Practice Ideas
  • Mindfulness & Motivation
  • Breathing and Body Ideas
  • Videos for all parts of the Practice Course
  • Guest Videos, especially made for 21 Days, and their favorite practices
  • 100's of Resource Links 
  • Private Facebook Community

Let's get started!

Happy Creative Practicing,


  • 21 Days GCP ~ Virtual Course

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